Custom Trivia API


What is a trivia API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface which is a service that provides data ressources. With the trivia API you can easily create collections of trivia questions and add them to your quiz game.

Who is a trivia question API for?

Anyone, who wants to programmatically access or just organize a collection of self-made questions.

How can I add questions?

To add questions you need to fill out the "new-question" form on the dashboard. Firstly, you'll be asked to either create a new project by writing into the input field or select an existing one from the dropdown. By selecting the project from the dropdown, the page will reload and give you the existing categories and levels dedicated to the selected project.

In the "Question" field you can formulate your question. You may add as many as 8 answers to one question, that can each be marked as true with the checkbox on the right. This allows for multiple-choice questions as well.

How can I get my questions?

There is an explanation on how to fetch your questions by using JavaScript in the "GUIDE".

How can I get an overview of my questions?

On the "OVERVIEW"-page you can filter your questions by project (tab-menu) and sort them by "ID", "Category", "Level", "Question", "All answers" and "True answers".

How can I edit/delete my questions?

On the "OVERVIEW"-page you can edit (green button) and delete (red button) your questions.

Other questions?

If you have other questions, you can contact us here: